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The roots of Equipment Supply & Distribution, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee, date back to 1919 when an electric battery store founded by Mr. J. M. McGregor was started. Over the years, the batteries were phased out and other lines were added until McGregor’s Inc. became the sole equipment distributor of Coleman™, RCA™, Frigidaire™, and Youngstown Kitchens™. In 1954, Frigidaire introduced a line of heating and air conditioning equipment along with a line of kitchen cabinets and Mr. McGregor decided to give up the Coleman and Youngstown lines. Mr. Ray Williams, who was in charge of the heating and air conditioning department, and Mr. Jack Forsyth, the stepson of Mr. McGregor, who was in charge of the kitchen cabinet department, secured those franchises.

Forsyth-Williams, Inc. opened in February 1955 and soon became one of the largest installers/wholesalers of heating and air conditioning in Memphis. The company grew and added a carpet department to replace the cabinet line, whose metal cabinets became obsolete when builders switched their preference to wood. In February, 1966 the company moved to its present location at 468 N. Bellevue, Memphis, Tennessee. In 1972, Mr. Williams retired and in two years Mr. Forsyth was ready to retire. Rather than sell to any outside interest, Mr. Forsyth wanted to liquidate the company. The carpet department was completely liquidated but with the help and approval of Mr. Forsyth, five employees secured the heating and air conditioning distribution business.

The franchise was locked in on October 31, 1974. On November 29, 1974 the formation of the corporation was completed. Mr. Odis Humphreys, who came to work in 1955 as a sales representative and was vice-president of Forsyth-Williams at its close, became President of the new corporation. Mr. Paul Gentry and Mr. Sam Pierce, who were service engineers, became vice-presidents for the company. In January of 1986, Mr. Odis Humphreys retired and his son, Mr. Charles Humphreys, who had been with the company since 1975 as a sales representative became President. In 1990, recognizing the need to become totally dedicated to the HVAC distribution business, corporation changed its name to Equipment Supply and Distribution, Incorporated (ESD).  ESD added the Allied commercial and Ducane line of heating and air conditioning equipment in 2011. In the continuing effort of only offering the best in products and services to our customers, ESD secured the Westinghouse brand of heating and air conditioning products.

In 1996, ESD opened a branch in Little Rock, Arkansas that has since relocated to Jacksonville, a suburb of Little Rock. In 2013, we added another branch in northeast Memphis. The sales territory that ESD serves includes West Tennessee, Arkansas, North Mississippi, and the boot hill of Missouri. ESD’s strategy of continued growth is based upon customer service and support helping our dealers to grow profitably. Our efforts at maintaining adequate stocking levels of equipment, supplies, and parts, as well as the expertise to help our dealer base in the use of these items have proven to be a winning combination in the mid-south heating and air conditioning market.

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